COVID-19 guidance for SoundTrack_Zurich:

One of the following three options of proof of no Covid-19 infection is needed:

A Swiss or EU COVID certificate of

• proof of complete vaccination
• or proof of acquired immunity
• or a negative PCR test or a negative antigen (lateral flow) test, dated within the previous 24 hours (to be renewed every 24 hours while at SoundTrack_Zurich)

A valid COVID certificate together with a photo identification document must be presented!

Proof must be in the form of a QR code (given to patients by the medical services who undertook their tests or vaccinations) which can be presented:

• as a print-out
• or in a digital format

These QR codes will be scanned and checked at all entrances to the SoundTrack_Zurich locations. In the case where a participant presents himself/herself at an entrance either without any form of proof or with an invalid form of proof, he/she will be required to go for a test so as to obtain a new and valid form of proof.

Further rules and recommendations:

Contact Tracing: A valid and verified contact must be provided with every ticket purchase.

Online Ticketing: We  recommend buying tickets online - also in order to ensure proper data collection.

Cashless Payment: In order to reduce personal contact we are switching to a cashless payment system.

Compulsory Face Mask: Face masks will be required on the entire area. Please don't use face shields, only nose-mouth masks!

Hygiene: You will find hand disinfection dispensers in all of our venues.

Temperature measurement: For safety reasons, we measure your temperature before you enter. In case of refusal or increased temperature, admission will be denied. We also exclude participants with cold symptoms from the event. If you suffer from allergy or hay fever symptoms, please provide us with a current medical certificate.

Distance: Please keep, as far as it is possible, your distance from other visitors. Also, please follow the specified guidance system on the premises and in the building to avoid an increased risk of infection.