Case studies at SoundTrack_Zurich 03:

Case studies at SoundTrack_Zurich 03:
The Sandman, Tschugger, Hors Saison, Rubikon, The Good Boss and Soul of a Beast

The third edition of STZ, which takes place in the context of the Industry Program of the 18th Zurich Film Festival (ZFF), presents award-winning film composers, sound designers, directors, producers and music consultants who will talk about their recent projects.

An infinite source of fresh creativity: Six panels at SoundTrack_Zurich 03 (September 27th – 30th) put the lens on creating soundtracks for recently released series and films that stand out for their extraordinary work. 

After spending more than 100 years in prison, Morpheus, the personification of dreams (one of the seven Endless of DC Comics), must rebuild his kingdom. This is the main line under which The Sandman is developed, the screen adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s graphic novel and one of the most recent Netflix hits worldwide. The diverse way this story has been told implied an equally diverse musicalization. David Buckley, its composer, says that he was warned of making “like seven pilots in one season”. Buckley will talk about the challenges behind the music for the first season of The Sandman at the SoundTrack_Zurich panel on the 29th of September. 

The police parody shot in “the Swiss wild west” that Tschugger portrays shows a different face of the country of perfect landscapes. The secrets of this successful collaboration will be discussed in STZ by the director, co-creator and leading actor David Constantin; producer Sophie Toth; composer Rutger Reinders; sound editor, designer and mixer Gregor Rosenberger; and music producer and curator Phuong Boi Nguyen.

In addition to these panels, SoundTrack_Zurich will look behind the scenes of scoring the series Hors Saison with Michael Künstle and Matteo Pagamici (composers). Outstanding European science fiction: Daniel Helmer, Maximilian Leibich (composers) and Leni Lauritsch (director) of Rubikon explain the challenges of their contemporary science fiction score. Zeltia Montes, composer of The Good Boss, was the first female composer to win the prestigious Spanish Goya Award - with a really sophisticated score - a role model women composer who is not shy to share the secrets of her craft.  The Swiss Film Prize for Best Music 2022 went to... Fatima Dunn! The composer and the sound designer Oscar van Hoogevest will speak about their collaboration on Soul of a Beast.


Case studies program: 

RUBIKON. With Daniel Helmer and Maximilian Liebich (composers) and Leni Lauritsch (director). Host: Vasco Hexel.
Wednesday 28th of September. 14:30-15:30 · NZZ-Festival Lounge 

HORS SAISON. With Michael Künstle and Matteo Pagamici (composers). Host: Mirjam Skal.
Wednesday 28th of September 16:00-17:00 · ZFF Festival Centre

THE GOOD BOSS. With Zeltia Montes (composer). Host: Hanna Sophie Lüke.
Thursday 29th of September 10:30 – 11:30 · NZZ-Festival Lounge

SOUL OF A BEAST. With Fatima Dunn (composer) and Oscar van Hoogevest (sound designer). Host: Martin Skalsky.
Thursday 29th of September 12:00 – 13:00 · NZZ-Festival Lounge.

THE SANDMAN (Netflix). With David Buckley (composer). Host: Vasco Hexel.
Thursday 29th of September 14:30-15:30 · NZZ-Festival Lounge.

TSCHUGGER. With David Constantin (director, co-creator and leading actor), Sophie Toth (producer), Rutger Reinders (composer), Gregor Rosenberger (sound editor, designer, mixer), Phuong Boi Nguyen (music producer and curator). Host: Martin Skalsky.
Thursday 29th of September 16:00-17:00 · ZFF Festival Centre

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