Rachel Portman
Live at SoundTrack_Zurich 03
The Swiss conference on film and media music

SoundTrack_Zurich 03
The Swiss conference on film and media music 

SoundTrack_Zurich 03 is the third edition of the new Swiss and European film music conference taking place during the Zurich Film Festival 2022. The conference is organized by FFM (Forum Filmmusik) curated by Michael P. Aust (SoundTrack_Cologne) and organized in cooperation with Tonhalle Zurich ZHdK (Zurich University of Arts) and SoundTrack_Cologne.

The primary goal of SoundTrack_Zurich is to present the work of Swiss and European film composers at eye level with their international colleagues.

SoundTrack_Zurich presents important film composers in two parallel strands over two days. In addition the conference hosts an array of panels, networking sessions, discussion rounds, case studies and workshops that take up current topics concerning todays film music scene. Another significant element is the networking of film composers with the international guests of the Zurich Film Festival.