Send in your own tracks to be checked

How good is my track, really? On Saturday, September 30, the music supervisors Thomas Binar (PPG Music Supervisors), Beda Senn (SRF), Nils Bøgvard (Copenhagen Film Music), Renato Horvath (Eastaste Music), Andreas Suttner (BR) and Marielène Froidevaux (Interstellar Music) will evaluate and give their feedback on submitted tracks.

The tracks should be for a trailer with a specific purpose of your choice or for a given TV series scene with synch brief. The tracks submitted for the given TV scene, will have the chance, for the very first time in this activity at STZ, to be considered for a real upcoming TV Show: Die Beschatter.

Those who want to participate, have to upload their HI-Res.mp3 files (one ZIP-file named "") to a server or online platform of your choice (max. three tracks per participant) and fill in the form below until September 26, 12:00pm (noon) CEST.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at

A valid accreditation for SoundTrack_Zurich 04 or a ZFF industry pass is required to participate.

Presented by Swiss Music Export.

Send in your own tracks to be checked

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Pick your best trailer track and submit to this TrackCheck session. We want to hear the story. What would your trailer sell? A TV-Show, a product, a movie?

Tell us what you think would your track be good for. Describe in your own words what your trailer is selling.

The Jury will not only give you feedback on the composing and production aspects but also on your view of what your track could be used for. Is your trailer selling chips & fish or rather a horror movie?

We look forward to receive your music.

Please note!

Please make sure, that your submission is downloadable without registering or signing up to the platform you use (e.g. on SoundCloud or Spotify), and that your link does not expire! Please name your file(s) "".

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Please make sure to have fill in your email correctly as we will send you a confirmation.